Department Detail

All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Raipur

The branch of medicine dedicated to relieving pain and inducing anaesthesia during surgery and other medical procedures. The scope of anaesthesiology includes non-surgery-related pain management; management of painful syndromes; monitoring, restoring and maintaining haemostasis; teaching CPR; and evaluating and applying respiratory therapy.


S No Name Email Designation Image
1 Dr Praveen Kumar Neema Professor
2 Dr Subrata Kumar Singha Additional Professor
3 Dr Monica Khetarpal Associate Professor
4 Dr. Rashmi Dubey Associate Professor
5 Dr. Mayank Kumar Assistant Professor
6 Dr. Ajay Kumar Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Sarita Ramchandani Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Mamta Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Chinmaya Kumar Panda Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Habib Md Reazaul Karim Assistant Professor