Civil / Electrical Tenders & Quotation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
S No Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
41 Inviting Quotation for Providing and Fixing Lead Lining and Plywood over the doors in Orthopaedics OPD in D-1 Block of Hospital, AIIMS Raipur. 27-03-2019 29-03-2019 Download
42 Inviting e-Tender for Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning (SITC) of Audio – Visual System and Stage Lighting in Auditorium Building at AIIMS Raipur (C.G.) 09-03-2019 04-04-2019 Download 28-03-2019Corrigendum_of_NIT-50.pdf

43 Fixing of false ceiling and Replacement of flower Mat with PVC Flowering in the Committee Room in Medical College, AIIMS Raipur. 01-03-2019 04-03-2019 Download
44 Inviting Spot Quotation for Fixing of False Ceiling and Replacement of Floor Mat with PVC Flooring in the Committee Room in Medical College, AIIMS, Raipur 27-02-2019 28-02-2019 Download 28-02-2019Letter_No-9704_Date-28-02-2019.pdf

45 Inviting Spot Quotation for Fixing of wall Paneling & Conference Table in the Committee Room in Medical College, AIIMS Raipur 27-02-2019 28-02-2019 Download
46 Inviting Tender for Annual Operation and Maintenance works at AIIMS Residential campus, Kabir Nagar, Raipur (C.G.)” 04-02-2019 14-02-2019 Download
47 Inviting Tender for Modification in Hospital Block D and D1 in AIIMS Raipur. 29-12-2018 14-01-2019 Download 05-01-2019Letter_No-9408_Date-05-01-2018.pdf

48 Notice inviting tender for Balance Development works at AIIMS Residential campus at Kabir Nagar, Raipur (C.G.) 29-12-2018 14-01-2019 Download
49 Inviting Tender for Construction of OPD Registration counters in DOME No-2 at Hospital Complex, AIIMS, Raipur. 28-12-2018 10-01-2019 Download 07-01-2019LN_920.pdf

50 Applications are invited for various Electrical, Civil and Horticulture work. 22-12-2018 24-12-2018 Download
51 Inviting Tender for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 04 Nos. 02 Ton Inverter Type Split AC, 5 Star, R-410a Refrigerant at VRDL (Microbiology Dept.) Medical College, AIIMS Raipur. 19-12-2018 28-12-2018 Download
52 Inviting Spot Quotation for Providing and Fixing of Electrical Conduit, Raceway/Cable tray for cabling of Audio-Visual System and Stage Lighting Work in Auditorium, AIIMS, Raipur 06-12-2018 06-12-2018 Download
53 Inviting Tender for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of 25LPH Ion Exchange RO water purifier and USHA 150L Usha Water Cooler installed at AIIMS Raipur & AIIMS Residential Complex , Kabir Nagar, Raipur. 28-11-2018 17-12-2018 Download 05-12-2018Letter_No-9220.pdf

54 Inviting Tender for Electrical works required for Main Entrance hospital Block AIIMS campus, Raipur. 01-12-2018 17-12-2018 Download 07-12-2018Letter_No-9243_Date-07-12-2018.pdf

55 Inviting Tender for Special repairs to Sub Station Buildings 6 Nos in AIIMS, Raipur) 01-12-2018 17-12-2018 Download 07-12-2018Letter_No-9242_Date-07-12-2018.pdf

56 Inviting Tender for Supply, installation, testing & Commissioning of 250 KVA silent type DG set with AMF panel for MGPS at Medical Gas Plant at AIIMS, Raipur. 29-11-2018 17-12-2018 Download 08-12-2018Letter_No-9252.pdf

57 Inviting Quotation for Refilling of Fire Extinguisher in Trauma Building and Ayush-PMR, Substation -1 at AIIMS Hospital Campus Raipur. 28-11-2018 03-12-2018 Download
58 Expression of Interest Regarding Rectification of seepage problem at Lecture Theatre No. 4 (Mini Auditorium) at Lower Ground Floor of Medical College Building at AIIMS, Raipur 27-11-2018 07-12-2018 Download 30-11-2018Letter_No-9145_Date-30-11-2018.pdf

59 Inviting Tender for Construction of two wheeler and four wheeler parking shed at Medical College Building, AIIMS, Raipur. 26-11-2018 30-11-2018 Download 01-12-2018Letter_No-9191_Date-01-12-2018.pdf

60 Inviting Tender for Construction of 2 nos. Volley Ball and 2 nos. Badminton Court for Boys & Girls at AIIMS Residential Complex, Kabirnagar, Raipur. 24-11-2018 01-12-2018 Download 01-12-2018Letter_No-9190_Date-01-12-2018_(1).pdf