Civil / Electrical Tenders & Quotation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
S No Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
41 Inviting Spot Quotation for Grass Turfing and Plantation Under Kayakalp at AIIMS Raipur and Cleaning of Campus, Painting and Other Miscellaneous Works Under Kayakalp at AIIMS Raipur 22-11-2018 22-11-2018 Download
42 Sealed quotations are invited bt the Executive Engg (Civil) on behalf of Director AIIMS Raipur for various items and maintenance work. 20-11-2018 24-11-2018 Download 22-11-2018Letter_No-9054_Date-22-10-2018_(Corrigendum_of_NIQ-11).pdf

43 Inviting Quotations for Miscellaneous work for Kayakalp at AIIMS,Raipur. 19-11-2018 19-11-2018 Download
44 Inviting Quotation for Construction of OPD Registration Counter for Hospital in Dome No-01,02 & 03 at AIIMS Raipur (C.G.) 13-11-2018 16-11-2018 Download
45 Construction of store rooms in Medical College Building at AIIMS, Raipur. 09-11-2018 15-11-2018 Download
46 Inviting Tender for Developing infrastructure for VRDL Laboratory in the department of Microbiology at AIIMS, Raipur. 06-11-2018 16-11-2018 Download
47 Inviting Tender for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 22 TR Air Cooled Ductable Split AC system (07 Nos) at Registration Dome No-02, AIIMS, Raipur. 06-11-2018 16-11-2018 Download 09-11-2018Letter_no._8936,_Date-_09-11-2018.pdf

48 Inviting Tender for Civil Works in operation theater at Trauma Building and A Block GF, AIIMS, Raipur. 05-11-2018 12-11-2018 Download
49 Expression of Interest for Consultancy for review, redesigning & augmentation of Electrical Power System at AIIMS Raipur for reliability, proper load distribution & protection to overcome mismatch between original design & actual requirements 03-11-2018 29-11-2018 Download 26-11-2018Letter_No-9083_Date-26-11-2018.pdf

50 Quotations are invited for clearing jungle, surface dressing and disposal of rubbish at residential campus AIIMS Raipur. 02-11-2018 03-11-2018 Download
51 Inviting Tender for Day to day repair and maintenance of AIIMS Residential campus at Kabir Nagar Raipur. 02-11-2018 16-11-2018 Download
52 Inviting Tender for Replacement of existing light fixture with LED light fixture at Operation theatre Trauma Hospital Building & B block Radio diagnosis department, AIIMS Campus, Raipur. 01-11-2018 12-11-2018 Download 06-11-2018Letter_No-8926_Date-06-11-2018_(1).pdf

53 Inviting Tender for Construction of School of Public Health in Ground Floor of Medical College in AIIMS Raipur. 01-11-2018 12-11-2018 Download
54 Inviting Tender for Providing annual maintenance works at AIIMS Campus at Kabir Nagar, Raipur 01-11-2018 12-11-2018 Download
55 Inviting quotations for Water Proofing Works of sunken floors of lifts at AIIMS Residential Complex, Kabir nagar, Raipur 01-11-2018 12-11-2018 Download
56 Inviting Quotations for Development of Sports Ground in the campus of residential Complex, AIIMS, Kabir Nagar, Raipur 31-10-2018 12-11-2018 Download 03-11-2018Letter_No-8899_Date-03-11-2018.pdf

57 Inviting tender for Aluminium Partition inside OT Corridor at A-BLOCK Ground floor, AIIMS, Raipur 29-10-2018 01-11-2018 Download
58 Inviting tender for Rejuvenation of OLD/USED Lead Acid batteries at A-A1 Block, AIIMS Campus, Raipur 12-10-2018 16-10-2018 Download 13-10-2018Letter_No-8739_Date-13-10-2018.pdf

59 Inviting Tender for Providing Correction of level of road & bitumen road carpeting work at AIIMS Residential Complex, Kabir Nagar Raipur 12-10-2018 23-10-2018 Download
60 Inviting Tender for Raising of boundary wall height by concertina coil and miscellaneous work at Residential Complex, AIIMS Raipur. 10-10-2018 23-10-2018 Download 15-10-2018Letter_No-8749_date-15.10.2018.pdf