Residential Accommodation

All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Raipur

Residential Accommodation

    Circular regarding Estate Officer Circular regarding Estate Officer One block each of Type III, IV and V and 2 blocks each of Type I and II are constructed. Faculty members are residing in Type IV and Type V. Non-teaching staff have been accommodated in the Type I and Type II blocks. All these residential quarters are fully occupied. Director Bungalow is available and occupied. Guest house of AIIMS, Raipur is fully functional and being used by the faculty and guests


.. . The hostel block is located within the hospital /medical college campus and is being readied for occupation. As an interim measure, students have been accommodated in the Type II and Type III buildings in the residential campus

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Type No. of Storey No. of Units No. of Blocks Area (sqm)
Type I G+3 36 02 1861.20
Type II G+5 72 02 4585.80
Type III G+5 18 01 1463.88
Type IV G+7 21 01 2206.17
Type V G+7 24 01 4188.08
Director Bungalow G+1 01 01 301.06
Guest House G+2 01 01 649.81
Total No. of Units = 171
Total No. of Blocks= 09.
STP= 01 No (400 cum capacity)
Substation= 01
UG Tank==01 No (Total cap-200KL)
DG sets=02 Nos of 200KVA.

Total Area of Construction = 15256 Sqm

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Sr.No Circular/Notice Number Title Download Corrigendum Publish date
1 AIIMS/R/Admin/23/6/2020/ Details of Vacant quarter for allotment in August 2020. Download 2020-08-05
2 AIIMS/R/Admin/23/5/2020 Details of Allotted Quarters on July 2020 Download 2020-08-05
3 AIIMS/R/Admin/23/5/2020/ Details of Allotted Quarters till July 2020 Download 2020-07-08
4 AIIMS/R/Admin/23/6/2020/ Details of Vacant quarter for allotment in July 2020. Download 2020-07-07
5 AIIMS/R/Admin/23/4/2020/ Details of Vacant quarter for allotment in June 2020. Download 2020-06-01
6 ADMIN/AIIMS RAIPUR/2020/1408 Circular regarding Estate Officer Download 2020-03-17
7 AIIMS/Raipur/Admin/23/2/2019/1676 Allotment Order Download 2019-12-04
8 AIIMS/R/Admin/23/3/2019 Details of Vacant quarter for allotment in December 2019 Note: Download 2019-12-04
9 AIIMS/RAIPUR/01 Letter Regarding Details of Vacant Quarters dated - 31-10-2019 Download 2019-11-02
10 AIIMS/RAIPUR/23/1/19/1513 Circular Regarding Allotment of Quarters at AIIMS Residential Complex Raipur dated- 31-10-2019 Download 2019-11-02