All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Raipur


All Vendors are invited for empanelment of their firm in the registered vendor list of AIIMS Raipur. They can see the guidelines and application form available at this link Click here
S.No. Tender.No. Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum Status
1 AIIMS/R/CS/73/Shoe Rack/18/ Inviting Quotation for procurement of Non-Consumable Items i.e. Wooden Shoe Rack for Various Department, at AIIMS Raipur. 17-01-2019 21-01-2019 Download
2 AIIMS/R/HS/Pharmacy/2018/Gamma Globulin/026/LT Limited Tender For Procurement of “Drugs and Medicines for IPD Services" at AIIMS,Raipur. 14-01-2019 31-01-2019 Download
3 AIIMS/R/CS/Neuro /87/18/OT/A Inviting Tender For “Supply of Cranial and Spinal Surgery set With HD Camera system” for Department of Neurosurgery at AIIMS,Raipur. 17-01-2019 09-02-2019 Download
4 AIIMS/R/CS/ 141/ BPS/18/OT Inviting Tender for "Supply of Microvascular Instruments for the Department of Burns & Plastic Surgery" At All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur 16-01-2019 06-02-2019 Download
5 AIIMS/R/CS/PMRD/2018/018/OT/A Inviting Tender For "Supply of NCV-EMG-EP Machine” For Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation” At All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur 16-01-2019 30-01-2019 Download
6 AIIMS/R/CS/Neuro /57/17/OT/A Inviting Tender for “Supply of Cranial Stabilization System” For Department of Neurosurgery" at AIIMS,Raipur. 16-01-2019 02-02-2019 Download
7 AIIMS/R/CS/BB/18/24/RC Inviting Tender for “Annual Rate Contract of consumable items for Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank Department" at AIIMS, Raipur 16-01-2019 11-02-2019 Download
8 AIIMS/R/CS/Pul-Med/18/009/OT/A Inviting Tender For “EBUS TBHA / Biopsy System” For Department of Pulmonary Medicine at AIIMS, Raipur 16-01-2019 13-02-2019 Download
9 AIIMS/R/CS/Micro/18/95 Inviting Tender for" Consumable Items for Automated Mycobacterial Genotyping System Using GT Blot48 Machine” for Microbiology Department" at AIIMS,Raipur. 14-01-2019 02-02-2019 Download
10 AIIMS/R/Admin/Manpower Group C/2019-20/001/Ser Inviting Tender for “Engagement of Agency for Providing Manpower Group “C” on Job Outsourcing Basis” at AIIMS,Raipur 11-01-2019 06-02-2019 Download
11 AIIMS/R/CS/ANAT/18/311/OT Inviting Tender For “Centrifuge and T 100 Thermal cycler" For Anatomy Department At All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur 11-01-2019 26-01-2019 Download
12 AIIMS/R/Admin/Hiring of Vehicles/2019-20/001/Ser Inviting Tender “FOR HIRING OF VEHICLES “ At All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur 10-01-2019 04-02-2019 Download
13 AIIMS/R/CS/Paedia/18/562/OT/ Tender is invited for "supply of ultrasound video bronchoscope for the Department of Pediatrics" at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur. 09-01-2019 31-01-2019 Download
14 AIIMS/R/CS/CTVS/18/229/OT Notice Inviting Tender for Supply & Installation of Endovenous Radiofrequency Generator & Catheter & Accessories for Department of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery (CTVS) at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur. 08-01-2019 29-01-2019 Download
15 AIIMS/R/CS/Paedia S./Paedia/18/394/OT/ Notice Inviting Tender for “Supply of Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Unit” For Department of Paediatrics Surgery/ Paediatrics" At All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur. 08-01-2019 31-01-2019 Download
16 AIIMS/R/CS/ASB/18/LT/ Notice Inviting Rate Contract under Limited Tender For Procurement of “Aluminum sign Changeable Board with Eco Print Graphics Design & Installation” At AIIMS, Raipur. 07-01-2019 17-01-2019 Download
17 AIIMS/R/Admin/ Mess Catering Services /2019-20/001/Ser/ Notice Inviting Tender “FOR MESS CATERING SERVICES FOR AROUND 750 STUDENTS FOR HOSTELS” at AIIMS, Raipur. 02-01-2019 28-01-2019 Download 16-01-2019Corrigendum.pdf

18 AIIMS/R/CS/ANAT/18/64/OT/A Inviting Tender for “Supply of Wireless EMG System” For Department of Anatomy" at AIIMS,Raipur. 29-12-2018 22-01-2019 Download
19 AIIMS/R/CS/Ortho./Artho.Inst. & Equip./01/2016/OT/B Inviting Tender For ‘Supply of Arthroscopy Instrument & Orthopaedic Equipment for Department of Orthopaedic’at AIIMS,Raipur 29-12-2018 26-01-2019 Download
20 AIIMS/R/CS/Patho/18/71/ RC Notice Inviting Tender of “Consumable Items” for Use in Flow Cytometer, Reagent for performing various investigations for Pathology & Lab Medicine Department" At All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur 29-12-2018 16-01-2019 Download