Civil / Electrical Tenders & Quotation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
S No Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
1 Inviting Tender for Electrical work required in experimental Pharmacology Lab , department of Pharmacology at 1st Floor –Medical College, AIIMS Raipur.( Ref. of e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_ 518912 _1). 14-11-2019 28-11-2019 Download
2 Inviting Tender for Internal and external painting at Director’s bungalow at AIIMS Residential complex, Kabir Nagar, Raipur (C.G.).( Ref. of e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_ 518848 _1). 14-11-2019 28-11-2019 Download
3 Inviting quotations for Supply of tools for day to day maintenance of Hospital Blocks AA1, BB1 AIIMS Raipur. 11-11-2019 13-11-2019 Download
4 Inviting Quotations for Aluminium Partition in General Medicine HDU Ward in C1 Block, 2nd Floor & B Block OT Corridor at AIIMS Raipur . 06-11-2019 08-11-2019 Download
5 Maintenance of Gardens, Lawns, plants, potted plants, trees and all Horticulture related works at AIIMS Raipur (Retender) (Ref. of e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_505974_2 ). 06-11-2019 19-11-2019 Download
6 Inviting Tender for Construction of Nurses Stations in Hospital Buildings at AIIMS, Raipur (3rd Call) (Ref. of e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_502095_2 ). 06-11-2019 20-11-2019 Download
7 Inviting Tender for Renovation of Front Elevation with ACP, Granite Flooring and other miscellaneous works at Nursing College, AIIMS Raipur( Ref. of e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_ 516380_1). 05-11-2019 19-11-2019 Download
8 Inviting Tender for Construction of GI chain link fencing around herbal garden at AIIMS, Raipur.(Ref: e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_516112_1,CPP Portal(e procurement). 04-11-2019 19-11-2019 Download
9 Inviting Tender for Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of Inverter type VRF or VRV Air Conditioning System for 166 seat Lecture theatre Ground floor ,Medical college AIIMS Raipur. (Retender Ref: e-tender id:2019_IMSRP_506883_2) 04-11-2019 18-11-2019 Download
10 Inviting Tender for Development of lower ground floor of animal house at AIIMS Raipur. (Ref: e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_514388_1) 26-10-2019 09-11-2019 Download
11 Inviting e-Tender for Electrical Works for Badminton court at AIIMS Residential Complex, Kabir Nagar, Raipur . (Ref: e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_513810_1, CPP Portal(e procurement). 24-10-2019 07-11-2019 Download
12 Inviting e-Tender for Up-gradation work in Central Labs in Hospital Block D1, AIIMS Raipur . (Ref: e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_513498_1, CPP Portal(e procurement). 23-10-2019 06-11-2019 Download
13 Inviting Tender for Providing and Fixing of False Ceiling in Main Receiving Substation and Medical Record Department including Dismantling and Refixing of False ceiling works at Kitchen ,AIIMS RAIPUR”.Retender (Ref: e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_505336_2) 23-10-2019 06-11-2019 Download
14 Inviting e-Tender for Development of garden at gate no 4 & D1 entrance in AIIMS Raipur (Ref: e-tender id:2019_IMSRP_513079_1) 22-10-2019 05-11-2019 Download
15 Inviting Tender for SITC of Boom Barrier and prefabricated security cabin at AIIMS Hospital Campus Raipur (Ref: e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_503051_2) 22-10-2019 05-11-2019 Download
16 Inviting e-Tender for Providing and fixing of steel door, sliding window and miscellaneous civil work at PG hostel in AIIMS Raipur(e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_512784_1) 21-10-2019 04-11-2019 Download 22-10-2019corrigendumNIT22.pdf

17 Inviting Tender for Providing and fixing of automatic sliding door in auditorium building at AIIMS, Raipur.(Retender) 18-10-2019 31-10-2019 Download 18-10-2019retender_uploaded_in_CPP_Portal_on_18-10-2019.pdf
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18 Inviting Quotations for Providing Earthing for Medical Equipment at AIIMS Campus Raipur. 17-10-2019 25-10-2019 Download
19 Inviting Tender for SITC of Submersible pump in existing bore well with necessary fittings at AIIMS Residential Complex, Kabir Nagar, Raipur. 17-10-2019 29-10-2019 Download
20 Inviting Tender for Construction of RO Plant Room in Hospital Block, AIIMS Raipur. 14-10-2019 28-10-2019 Download