Civil / Electrical Tenders & Quotation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
S No Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
1 Inviting Quotation for uploading"Fixing of scrub station at Medicine Ward C1 block 2nd floor, AIIMS Raipur". 14-09-2019 18-09-2019 Download
2 Inviting Tender for "Construction of aluminium partition, sitting platform and various other works in Hospital Block, AIIMS Raipur" 14-09-2019 02-10-2019 Download
3 Inviting Tender for Supply and installation of fire extinguisher at AIIMS Campus Raipur. 13-09-2019 04-10-2019 Download
4 Inviting Tender for SITC of submersible pump in existing bore well with necessary fittings at AIIMS hospital campus Raipur. 13-09-2019 04-10-2019 Download
5 Inviting Quotation for uploading (Name of work-Aluminium partition in ward of Pulmonary Medicine and Platform Construction for Department of Dentistry, AIIMS Raipur (C.G.). 13-09-2019 19-09-2019 Download
6 Tender for"Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of Inverter VRF /VRV Air Conditioning System at School of public Health, Medical College AIIMS Raipur". 12-09-2019 09-10-2019 Download
7 Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Nurses stations in Hospital buildings at AIIMS Raipur (2nd Call). 11-09-2019 03-10-2019 Download
8 Inviting spot Quotation for uploading "Aluminium partition and construction of RCC platform in department of Microbiology at AIIMS Raipur." 04-09-2019 09-09-2019 Download
9 Modification of ENT OPD and Ophthalmology OPD Miscellaneous Aluminium Partition and Other Civil Works in Hospital Blocks, AIIMS Raipur. 10-08-2019 26-08-2019 Download
10 Inviting Tender for Design, supply, fabrication, fixing and testing of Acrylic LED signage with ACP background at the front wall of Auditorium in AIIMS Raipur. 02-08-2019 08-08-2019 Download 05-08-2019Corrigendum.pdf

11 Inviting Tender for Construction of 166 seat Lecture Theatre at Medical College, AIIMS, Raipur (C.G.) 18-06-2019 08-07-2019 Download
12 Inviting Tender for Up-gradation of New Biochemistry section at Central Lab in 1st floor D-1 Block, AIIMS Raipur. 18-06-2019 08-07-2019 Download
13 Inviting Tender for Construction of Nurses Stations in Hospital Buildings at AIIMS, Raipur 19-06-2019 09-07-2019 Download
14 Notice Inviting Quotation for Renovation work for department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in AIIMS Raipur.(3rd Call) 18-06-2019 24-06-2019 Download
15 Notice Inviting Quotation for Replacement of existing lighting fixture by LED fixture at 1st Floor Trauma, Building, AIIMS Raipur. 18-06-2019 21-06-2019 Download
16 Inviting Quotation for Miscellaneous Civil works for sample collection rooms and other maintenance works in Hospital Block, AIIMS Raipur (C.G.). 30-05-2019 03-06-2019 Download
17 Inviting Quotation for Providing and fixing of collapsible steel shutters at PG Intern hostel in AIIMS, Raipur. 30-05-2019 03-06-2019 Download
18 Expression of Interest for the work of Fire Services at AIIMS Raipur (C.G.) 30-05-2019 10-06-2019 Download
19 Inviting Quotation for Electrical works at Medical gas plant, AIIMS Campus Raipur. 15-05-2019 20-05-2019 Download
20 Inviting quotation for Renovation work for department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in AIIMS, Raipur. 11-05-2019 17-05-2019 Download