Civil / Electrical Tenders & Quotation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
S No Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
1 Notice Inviting e- Quotation for Supply of pots and plants at registration and hospital complex area in AIIMS Raipur Campus under KAYAKALP Scheme. 15-02-2020 21-02-2020 Download
2 Inviting tender for Repositioning and reinstallation of sprinkler System and detection system at general surgery department, blood transfusion department, MRD and biochemistry department at AIIMS Raipur. 13-02-2020 26-02-2020 Download
3 Inviting tender for Supply of Electrical items for Maintenance work at AIIMS Residential Complex, Raipur. 05-02-2020 11-02-2020 Download
4 Inviting tender for Internal painting of quarters at type 5, Type 4 & Type 2 and miscellaneous civil works in quarters and external areas at AIIMS Residential Complex. 05-02-2020 18-02-2020 Download
5 Inviting quotations for Renewing of fencing at AIIMS Residential Complex , Kabir Nagar Raipur(C.G). 04-02-2020 10-02-2020 Download
6 Inviting quotations for Spreading of excavated soil near STP ,MGPS and disposal of malba /unserviceable or waste materials at AIIMS Raipur. 04-02-2020 10-02-2020 Download
7 Inviting Quotations for Supply of Consumables items for 25 LPH RO and water purifier at AIIMS Raipur. 29-01-2020 04-02-2020 Download
8 Notice Inviting Quotation for Supply of Luminaries at AIIMS Raipur 28-01-2020 03-02-2020 Download
9 Inviting Tender for Construction of wooden cabinets in Dissection hall and Histopathology lab at Anatomy department, AIIMS Raipur 27-01-2020 10-02-2020 Download
10 Inviting Tender for Fixing of geyser and washing machine in boys hostel, nursing student hostel, girls hostel at AIIMS Raipur . 25-01-2020 08-02-2020 Download
11 Inviting Quotations for Cleaning of overhead tank to medical college and UHTC, Ram nagar and other miscellaneous work at medical college AIIMS Raipur. 24-01-2020 30-01-2020 Download
12 Inviting Tender for Construction of RCC Bridge for connecting Medical College and Animal House building at AIIMS Raipur . 24-01-2020 07-02-2020 Download
13 Inviting Quotations for Supply of 3KVA Single phase online UPS at AIIMS,Raipur. 23-01-2020 27-01-2020 Download
14 Inviting Quotations for Painting of Room and Repair of False Ceiling in Hospital Block, AIIMS Raipur 22-01-2020 24-01-2020 Download
15 Inviting quotations for Supply of 18W LED Square Surface mounted light fixture for ramp and staircase area of Hospital Building AIIMS Campus, Raipur. 21-01-2020 23-01-2020 Download
16 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Providing shed and drainage for AC and painting of chequered tile in medical college building at AIIMS Raipur. 20-01-2020 03-02-2020 Download
17 Inviting Quotations for Development of garden and Supply Cement Concrete pots with plant at Hostel’s in AIIMS Raipur. 17-01-2020 21-01-2020 Download
18 Inviting quotations for Supply and planting of plants at various location in AIIMS Raipur Under KAYAKALP Scheme. 17-01-2020 20-01-2020 Download
19 Inviting Quotations Spreading of excavated soil near STP, MGPS and disposal of malba/ unserviceable or waste materials at AIIMS Raipur. 17-01-2020 23-01-2020 Download
20 Inviting quotations for Supply of plants for garden near Auditorium at AIIMS Raipur 16-01-2020 22-01-2020 Download