Civil / Electrical Tenders & Quotation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
S No Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
21 Notice Inviting tender for Supply of sanitary fittings and other fixtures for maintenance at AIIMS Raipur under KAYAKALP. 15-01-2020 29-01-2020 Download
22 Inviting Tender for Construction of ramp and painting of lecture theatre at medical college building AIIMS Raipur. 14-01-2020 27-01-2020 Download
23 Inviting Tender for Development of Garden’s at MGPS in AIIMS Raipur 11-01-2020 24-01-2020 Download
24 Inviting Tender for Civil Works for Department of Paediatrics in Hospital Block, AIIMS Raipur . 11-01-2020 24-01-2020 Download
25 Inviting Tender for Repositioning and reinstallation of sprinkler System and detection system at general surgery department, blood transfusion department, MRD and biochemistry department at AIIMS Raipur. 11-01-2020 24-01-2020 Download
26 Inviting Tender for Providing and fixing of stainless steel railing sliding window works at auditorium building in AIIMS Raipur. 10-01-2020 17-01-2020 Download
27 Inviting Quotations for Revival of HSD Tank and their Auxilary equipments. 10-01-2020 17-01-2020 Download
28 Inviting Quotations for Revival of HSD Tank and their Auxilary equipments. 10-01-2020 17-01-2020 Download
29 Inviting Quotations for Supply of 15 watt circular downlight for Hospital Building AIIMS Campus Raipur. 10-01-2020 17-01-2020 Download
30 Inviting quotations for Supply of 32 watt 2ft x 2ft LED recess mounting light fixture for Hospital Building, AIIMS Campus, Raipur. 10-01-2020 17-01-2020 Download
31 Inviting Tender for OPD registration Counter in Dome no. 1 & 3 including civil & electrical works at Hospital Complex, AIIMS Raipur . 10-01-2020 23-01-2020 Download
32 Inviting Quotations for Supply of PTMT health faucets at AIIMS Raipur under KAYAKALP . 09-01-2020 16-01-2020 Download
33 Inviting Tender for Civil and Electrical Maintentance works required for newly alloted quarter type 4 303 at AIIMS Residential Complex, Kabir Nagar, Raipur (C.G.). 09-01-2020 14-01-2020 Download
34 Inviting Tender for Painting of Kerb stone and zebra crossing in AIIMS, Raipur ( Ref. of e-tender id: 2019_IMSRP_533720 _1). 06-01-2020 20-01-2020 Download
35 Inviting Tender for Interior painting of Hospital Block AA1 and BB1, AIIMS Raipur 04-01-2020 17-01-2020 Download
36 Inviting Quotations for White washing of Trunk of trees under KAYAKALP at AIIMS Raipur. 04-01-2020 10-01-2020 Download
37 Inviting Tender for Civil works in new Brachytherapy Building at AIIMS Raipur. 04-01-2020 17-01-2020 Download
38 Inviting Tender for Cleaning of underground tanks at AIIMS Raipur. 03-01-2020 09-01-2020 Download
39 Inviting Quotations for Providing arrangement for cloth drying outside the hospital building at AIIMS Raipur. 01-01-2020 08-01-2020 Download
40 Notice Inviting e-quotation for Cleaning of overhead tank to medical college and UHTC, Ram nagar and other miscellaneous work at medical college AIIMS Raipur. 31-12-2019 07-01-2020 Download