Corona Corner

All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Raipur

Corona Awareness

Title Files Action
2 Covid patient charter. View
3 An Illustrated handbook for Post Covid Rehabilitation. View
4 Instructions for institutional quarantine (Facility) View
5 Instructions for Home Quarantine. View
6 Instruction for Facility & Hotel Quarantine View
7 Instruction to be followed after quarantine period: View
8 Instructions for Quarantine View
9 Social Distancing View
10 Questions and Answers About COVID-19 View
11 Your well being Tips(English) View
12 Extra Care View
13 Dos and donts View
14 Protection Tips View
15 Suggested Activities under Lockdown View
16 COVID FAQ-4 View
17 COVID FAQ-3 View
18 COVID FAQ-2 View
19 COVID FAQ-1 View
20 Home Quarantine View
21 Purpose of Lockdown View
22 Knowing the Lockdown. View

Office Circulers

Title Files Action
1 Covid patient charter. View
2 Your well being Tips(English) View
3 Office Circular-31.03.2020 View
4 Office Circular-30.03.2020 View
5 Office Circular-23.03.2020 View
6 Office Circular-20.03.2020 View
7 Office Circular-24.03.2020 View
8 Office Circular-21.03.2020 View
9 Office Circular-21.03.2020 View

Infection Control Videos

Hand Hygiene Video: AIIMS Raipur

Donning and Doffing of Gloves: AIIMS Raipur

Donning and doffing of Surgical mask AIIMS Raipur

Donning and doffing of N95 mask: AIIMS Raipur

Donning of Full PPE: AIIMS Raipur

Doffing of full PPE: AIIMS Raipur