College of Nursing, AIIMS, Raipur was established in 2013 under the Pradhan Mantri Swastya Surakha Yojana (PMSSY) with an intake of 60 B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing students. This institute has state-of-art facilities of lecture theatres with the new technology of educational modalities, seminar halls, hostel facilities, nursing skills labs with high-to-medium Fidelity Simulators, and a fully-fledged library with an access of e-library. Nurses are groomed and trained by a troop of well-trained and experienced nursing faculty of par excellence with international standards. Presently, the college is offering B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing with an intake of 75 students and M.Sc. Nursing with an intake of 4 students.


The vision is to produce highly competent UG and PG nurses who can play the various roles of nurse caregiver, nurse administrator, nurse researcher, nurse educator and advance nurse practitioner to meet the of human health care needs globally.


To establish a centre of excellence in nursing education, training, health care and research imbued with scientific culture, compassion for the sick and commitment to serve the underserved.


The aim is correcting regional imbalances in quality tertiary level healthcare in the country, and attaining self sufficiency in graduate and postgraduate nursing education and training.


  1. To train nurse clinicians, clinical nurse specialists, and advanced nurse practitioners.
  2. To prepare future nursing leaders, nurse academicians and nurse researchers by offering postgraduate and doctoral-level nursing education.
  3. To develop research evidence, data, innovations, patents and literature related to nursing in the country.
  4. To offer short-term programs, training, and refresher courses for nurse clinicians, nurse administrators, nurse educators, and nurse researchers.
  5. To provide the best quality of nursing care to individuals and families through the integration of nursing education and service.
  6. To train and educate nursing students so that they can make a significant contribution in all branches of nursing for the promotion of health, prevention of diseases, maintenance of health, and care during illness.
  7. To develop a research-oriented view among the nursing professionals in nursing education and practice.
  8. To develop and implement a continuing education program for different levels of nursing professionals for their professional growth and development.
  9. To demonstrate a commitment to leadership and professionalism through the delivery of socially, ethically, and economically responsible client care.