Faculty Directory

All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Raipur

Departments in Medical College

Departments in Medical College
S No Name Designation
1 Dr Nitin M Nagarkar Director

Department : Anaesthesiology
1 Dr. Nandkishor Agrawal Professor Anaesthesiology
2 Dr Subrata Kumar Singha Additional Professor Anaesthesiology
3 Dr Monica Khetarpal Associate Professor Anaesthesiology
4 Dr. Rashmi Dubey Associate Professor Anaesthesiology
5 Dr. Samarjit dey Associate Professor Anaesthesiology
6 Dr. Mayank Kumar Assistant Professor Anaesthesiology
7 Dr. Sarita Ramchandani Assistant Professor Anaesthesiology
8 Dr. Mamta Assistant Professor Anaesthesiology
9 Dr. Chinmaya Kumar Panda Assistant Professor Anaesthesiology
10 Dr. Habib Md Reazaul Karim Assistant Professor Anaesthesiology
11 Dr. Jitendra V. Kalbande Assistant Professor Anaesthesiology
Department : Anatomy
1 Dr Dhanesh Kumar Sharma Additional Professor Anatomy
2 Dr Konuri Vijaya Kumar Additional Professor Anatomy
3 Dr Soumitra Trivedi Associate Professor Anatomy
4 Dr Mrithunjay Rathore Associate Professor Anatomy
5 Dr A U Siddiqui Associate Professor Anatomy
6 Dr Manisha Barnwal Sinha Associate Professor Anatomy
7 Dr. Dharam Singh Rathia Assistant Professor Anatomy
Department : Biochemistry
1 Dr Eli Mohapatra Professor Biochemistry
2 Dr Rachita Nanda Additional Professor Biochemistry
3 Dr Suprava Patel Associate Professor Biochemistry
4 Dr Jessy Abraham Associate Professor Biochemistry
5 Dr. Seema Shah Assistant Professor Biochemistry
6 Dr. Dablu Lal Gupta Assistant Professor Biochemistry
Department : Burn & Plastic Surgery
1 Dr. Jiten Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor Burn & Plastic Surgery
2 Dr. Shamendra Anand Sahu Assistant Professor Burn & Plastic Surgery
Department : Burns & plastic surgery
1 Dr. Neeraj Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor (Contractual) Burns & plastic surgery
2 Dr. Kuldeep Sharma Assistant Professor (Contractual) Burns & plastic surgery
3 Dr. Moumita De Assistant Professor (Contractual) Burns & plastic surgery
Department : Cardiology
1 Dr. Satyajit Singh Assistant Professor Cardiology
Department : Community & Family Medicine
1 Dr Manisha Madhukar Ruikar Professor Community & Family Medicine
2 Dr Abhiruchi Galhotra Additional Professor Community & Family Medicine
3 Dr Gouri Kumari Padhy Additional Professor Community & Family Medicine
4 Dr Anjali Pal Associate Professor Community & Family Medicine
5 Dr Anjan Kumar Giri Associate Professor Community & Family Medicine
6 Dr. Arvind Kumar Shukla Assistant Professor Community & Family Medicine
7 Dr. Ashish W. Khobragade Assistant Professor Community & Family Medicine
8 Dr. Amit Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor Community & Family Medicine
Department : CTVS
1 Dr Nitin Kumar Kashyap Associate Professor CTVS
2 Dr. Kishan Magatapalli Assistant Professor (Contractual) CTVS
3 Dr. Pritam Sahani Assistant Professor (Contractual) CTVS
4 Dr. Klein Dantis Assistant Professor (Contractual) CTVS
Department : Dentistry
1 Dr. Virat Galhotra Professor Dentistry
2 Dr. Nakul Uppal Associate Professor Dentistry
3 Dr Santhosh Rao Associate Professor Dentistry
4 Dr Manish Jagdish Raghani Associate Professor Dentistry
Department : Dermatology
1 Dr Satyaki Ganguly Associate Professor Dermatology
2 Dr. Namrata Chhabra Assistant Professor Dermatology
3 Dr. Neel Prabha Assistant Professor Dermatology
Department : Endocrinology & Metabolism
1 Dr. Amritava Ghosh Assistant Professor Endocrinology & Metabolism
Department : ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
1 Dr Rupa Mehta Associate Professor ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
2 Dr Ripu Daman Arora Associate Professor ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
3 Dr. Satish Satpute Assistant Professor ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
Department : Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
1 Dr Krishnadutt Chavali Professor Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
2 Dr. Pankaj Suresh Ghormade Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
3 Dr. Swapnil P.Akhade Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Department : General Medicine
1 Dr. Vinay R. Pandit Professor General Medicine
2 Dr Md Sabah Siddiqui Associate Professor General Medicine
3 Dr. Preetam Narayan Wasnik Associate Professor General Medicine
4 Dr. Keshao Nagpure Assistant Professor General Medicine
5 Dr. Rohini Rokkam Assistant Professor General Medicine
6 Dr. Pankaj Kumar kannauje Assistant Professor General Medicine
7 Dr. Jhasaketan Meher Assistant Professor General Medicine
8 Dr. Pranita Assistant Professor General Medicine
9 Dr. Ajit Kumar Assistant Professor (Contractual) General Medicine
Department : General Surgery
1 Dr Debajyoti Mohanty Additional Professor General Surgery
2 Dr Radhakrishna Ramchandani Associate Professor General Surgery
3 Dr. Tridip Dutta Baruah Associate Professor General Surgery
4 Dr. Dharmendra Dugar Associate Professor General Surgery
5 Dr. Chetan Anand Associate Professor General Surgery
6 Dr. Rubik Ray Assistant Professor General Surgery
Department : Medical Oncology
1 Dr. Yashwant Kashyap Assistant Professor (Contractual) Medical Oncology
Department : Microbiology
1 Dr Anudita Bhargava Professor Microbiology
2 Dr Padma Das Additional Professor Microbiology
3 Dr Ujjwala Nitin Gaikwad Additional Professor Microbiology
4 Dr Sanjay Singh Negi Associate Professor Microbiology
5 Dr. Archana Bhimrao Wankhade Associate Professor Microbiology
6 Dr. Pragya Agarwala Assistant Professor (Contractual) Microbiology
Department : Neonatology
1 Dr. Phalguni Padhi Assistant Professor Neonatology
Department : Nephrology
1 Dr. Vinay Rathore Assistant Professor Nephrology
2 Dr. Saurabh Nayak Assistant Professor Nephrology
Department : Neurosurgery
1 Dr. Anil Kumar Assistant Professor Neurosurgery
2 Dr. Surendra Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor (Contractual) Neurosurgery
3 Dr. Nitish Nayak Assistant Professor (Contractual) Neurosurgery
4 Dr. Charandeep Singh Gandhoke Assistant Professor (Contractual) Neurosurgery
5 Dr. Prashant Raj Assistant Professor (Contractual) Neurosurgery
Department : Nuclear Medicine
1 Dr. Mudalsha Ravina Assistant Professor Nuclear Medicine
Department : Obstetrics & Gynaecology
1 Dr Sarita Agrawal Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology
2 Dr. Nilajkumar Bagde Associate Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology
3 Dr Vinita Singh Associate Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology
4 Dr Pushpawati Associate Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology
5 Dr. Chandrashekhar Shrivastava Associate Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology
6 Dr Sarita Rajbhar Assistant Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Department : Ophthalmology
1 Dr. Somen Misra Professor Ophthalmology
2 Dr Lubna Khan Additional Professor Ophthalmology
3 Dr. Neeta Misra Additional Professor Ophthalmology
4 Dr Ankur Kumar Shrivastava Associate Professor Ophthalmology
5 Dr. Vijaya Sahu Associate Professor Ophthalmology
Department : Orthopaedics
1 Dr. Alok Chandra Agrawal Professor Orthopaedics