Civil / Electrical Tenders & Quotation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
S No Tender-ID Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
1 NIT No- 07/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting tender for Repair and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant at AIIMS Residential Campus, Raipur . 06-05-2022 06-06-2022 Download 26-05-2022Corrigendum02.pdf

2 NIT No- 04/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Manning, Maintenance & Operation of substation, Pump house & Miscellaneous Electrical works at AIIMS Residential Raipur.” 25-04-2022 23-05-2022 Download 21-05-2022Corrigendum01.pdf

3 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Repairing and Maintenance works of RO water purifier and water cooler installed at AIIMS Hospital and Residential campus Raipur. 21-05-2022 06-06-2022 Download
4 29/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 Notice Inviting Tender regarding Manning, Maintenance and Operation of Water treatment plant, water distribution pumping station including flushing of bore wells, supply- repair- rectification and replacement to Motor pump set, Bore well pump, Starter, Electrical panel at AIIMS hospital complex, Raipur. 20-05-2022 03-06-2022 Download
5 13/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Servicing, Maintenance, Repairing for Ductable Split ACs, Package ACs and VRF/VRV ACs System at Hospital & Residential Campus of AIIMS Raipur. 18-05-2022 09-06-2022 Download
6 11/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Internal External Housekeeping and Conservancy services at AIIMS Residential Complex. 18-05-2022 08-06-2022 Download
7 25/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 (2nd Call) Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Repairing and Restoration of fire fighting system at Medical College and Nursing College AIIMS Campus Raipur. 07-05-2022 17-05-2022 Download 09-05-2022Corrigendum01_(3).pdf

8 NIT No- 27/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 (2nd Call) Inviting tender for Provision of Addition and Alteration of Rooms in PMR Building in AIIMS Raipur for department of PMR. 29-04-2022 17-05-2022 Download 09-05-2022Corrigendum01_(2).pdf

9 NIT No- 26/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 (2nd Call) INVITING TENDER FOR UPGRADATION OF NEW MORTUARY AT B BLOCK LOWER GROUND FLOOR AT AIIMS RAIPUR 29-04-2022 20-05-2022 Download 09-05-2022Corrigendum01_(1).pdf

10 NIT No- 02/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting Tenders for Repair and Maintenance of False Ceiling, Joinery, Aluminium Partition and other fixtures etc. in the area of Hospital Block AA1,BB1, Bunker, Brachytherapy and Trauma Building, AIIMS Raipur 18-04-2022 17-05-2022 Download 09-05-2022Corrigendum01.pdf

11 17/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 (2nd Call) Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Periodical External Maintenance Works in the area of AIIMS Residential Complex (2ndcall). 07-05-2022 18-05-2022 Download
12 NIT No- 10/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting tender for Term Contract for Maintenance and Repairing in the External areas and Service Buildings of AIIMS Raipur . 06-05-2022 27-05-2022 Download
13 NIT No- 09/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting tender for Maintenance of HT DG Sets (6X2000 KVA) with servicing of its Electrical Installations at AIIMS Campus, Raipur 06-05-2022 31-05-2022 Download
14 NIT No- 08/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting tender for Manning, Maintenance & Operation including Supply, Repair, Rectification & Replacement of Parts in 26 Nos. Lift installed at Medical College, Nursing College & Hostels at AIIMS Raipur Hospital Complex and Residential Complex . 06-05-2022 30-05-2022 Download
15 30/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 Notice Inviting e-Tender for Anti microbial coating and finishing works in the area of Hospital Block A,A1,B,B1,Bunker, Brachytherapy Building and Trauma Building at AIIMS Raipur. 26-03-2022 18-05-2022 Download 04-05-2022Corrigendum04.pdf

16 NIT No- 06/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting tender for Providing and Fixing Glass film for Hospital Block, AIIMS Raipur . 26-04-2022 18-05-2022 Download
17 NIT No- 21/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 (3rd Call) Repair, Maintenance and Cleaning of Drain, Septic Tanks, Soakage Pit, Storm Drain, Sewer line, Manhole, Water Harvesting Pits at AIIMS Raipur. 13-04-2022 29-04-2022 Download 26-04-2022Corrigendum04.pdf

18 NIT No- 05/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting tender for Repair and Maintenance of False Ceiling, Joinery, Aluminium partition and other fixtures the area of Medical College, nursing College, Hostel Complex and Auditorium building, AIIMS Raipur . 26-04-2022 25-05-2022 Download
19 NIT No- 03/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting Tender for Repair and Maintenance of false ceiling, Joinery, Aluminium Partition and other fixtures etc. in the area of Hospital Block C,C1,D,D1,AYUSH and PMR Buiilding, AIIMS Raipur. 21-04-2022 12-05-2022 Download
20 NIT No- 25/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 Inviting tender for Reparing and Restoration of fire fighting system at Medical College and Nursing College AIIMS Campus Raipur. 25-02-2022 26-04-2022 Download 19-04-2022Corrigendum05.pdf