Procurement Through Quotations

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
SNo Tender No Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
1 AIIMS/R/CS/Ortho/2023/473/LPC Quotation inviting for Purchase of Saw Blades for System 6 sagittal & Reciprocating Saw for Department of Orthopedics at AIIMS Raipur. 04-09-2023 03-10-2023 Download 25-09-2023Adobe_Scan_Sep_29,_2023.pdf

2 AIIMS/R/HS/CSSD/54/155/2023/066/380 Inviting Quotations for purchase of extra large ETO kits for Andersen ETO Sterilizer Machine in Department of CSSD at AIIMS Raipur. 29-09-2023 06-10-2023 Download
3 AIIMS/R/HS/PATH/14-66/3/379 Inviting Quotation for procurement of Consumable / Reagents Items for Pathology & Lab Medicine Department of AIIMS Raipur 27-09-2023 03-10-2023 Download
4 AIIMS/R/HS/Tailor/155/2023/ Inviting Quotations for Procurement of Casement Cloth than (Green) for Department of Tailor at AIIMS Raipur. Inviting Quotations for Procurement of Casement Cloth than (Green) for Department of Tailor at AIIMS Raipur. 26-09-2023 03-10-2023 Download
5 AIIMS/R/CS/PMRD/23/SAND Inviting Quotations for Sanding drum for PMRD at AIIMS Raipur. 30-08-2023 03-10-2023 Download 26-09-2023Central_Store20230926_12271229.pdf

6 AIIMS/LIB-748/2023/RPR Invitation of quotation for Hindi & English General Books for Central Library at AIIMS Raipur. 22-09-2023 03-10-2023 Download
7 AIIMS/Bio/SS/Intra/Proj/LPC/8153 Inviting quotations for Purchase of reagent kits for the project work of Dr. Seema Shah Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at AIIMS Raipur. 22-09-2023 28-09-2023 Download
8 AIIMS/R/CS/2685/BME/LPC Sealed quotations are invited from intending registered Stockiest / Distributors having GST and relevant documents for above said. The quotation should be submitted to Medical College Building Ground Floor gate no.-5 AIIMS Raipur 20-09-2023 27-09-2023 Download
9 AIIMS/R/CS/VD/2023/ Quotation Notice for Purchase of Bed Side Locker sliding channels for Various Department at AIIMS Raipur. 19-09-2023 27-09-2023 Download
10 AIIMS/R/CS/T&E/2023/265 Quotation Notice for Procurement of Pace Maker (External Single Chamber) for Trauma & Emergency 19-09-2023 27-09-2023 Download
11 AIIMS/R/HS/BIO/03-758/2023/378 Inviting Quotation for Purchase of Urine Calibrator for Biochemistry Department at AIIMS Raipur. 15-09-2023 21-09-2023 Download
12 AIIMS/R/HS/OPTHAL/13/2023/377 Inviting Quotation for Purchase of Medical Equipment and Tools for Ophthalmology Department at AIIMS Raipur. 13-09-2023 19-09-2023 Download
13 AIIMS/RPR/BPS/2023/OW/111/155/376 Inviting Quotations for procurement of skin temp M 10 cm * 10cm and skin graft B 10 cm* 10cm for department of burns and plastic surgery AIIMS Raipur. 12-09-2023 18-09-2023 Download
14 AIIMS/R/CS/4780/PHY/LPC Quotation Notice for Procurement of Medical Consumables & Reagents for dept. of Physiology. 12-09-2023 18-09-2023 Download
15 AIIMS/R/CS/Micro/Calibration/2023/02 Quotation request for e Market survey for Submission of price quotation for calibration of equipment installed in Dept. of Microbiology at AIIMS Raipur under GFR-2017, Rule 155. 09-09-2023 18-09-2023 Download
16 AIIMS/R/HS/23/OW/155/RP1 Inviting Quotations for Purchase of Consumable items for intramural project of Dr Rupa Mehta in Department of ENT & HNS at AIIMS Raipur. 11-09-2023 18-09-2023 Download
17 AIIMS/R/HS/Dent/2023/310/LPC/375 Inviting Quotation for Consumable items for Dental Common Material department of Dentistry at AIIMS Raipur. 06-09-2023 12-09-2023 Download
18 AIIMS/R/IT/OW/2023/84 Quotations are invited on urgent basis for the Repairing & maintenance of Photocopier Xerox C-8045 for Dean Office & Exam Section AIIMS Raipur. 02-09-2023 08-09-2023 Download
19 AIIMS/R/CS/Admin /2023-24/456 Inviting Quotations for Supply & Installation of Wooden Incumbency Board for AIIMS Raipur 29-08-2023 05-09-2023 Download
20 AIIMS/R/CS/MOT B BLOCK 4TH FLOOR/12235/2023/ Draft Quotation notice for the Purchase of Myo Table Trolley at AIIMS Raipur under GFR 155. 29-08-2023 06-09-2023 Download