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Homoeopathy may be defined as the science of therapeutics based on nature’s law for healing i.e. Law of Similia. Word ‘Homoeopathy’ is derived from two Greek words ‘homoeos’ meaning ‘similar’ and ‘pathos’ meaning ‘suffering’. Therefore ‘Homoeopathy’ literally means ‘Similar Suffering’. The Homoeopathic system of medicine owes its origin to the philosophic mind of a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). It is the science of the selection of a remedy that causes, in the healthy, effects similar to those for which it is employed in disease. The selected remedy for a given case of disease is to be given in optimum dose and should not be unnecessarily repeated.  Four tenets of homoeopathy are
 (1) Drug proving on Healthy Human Beings
 (2) Law of Similia 
 (3) Mono-pharmacy
 (4) Minimum Dose.

The fundamental features of homoeopathy, thus, are 
1. Disease is manifested by its symptoms-all the symptoms—or, by what we term the totality of the symptoms of a given case; 
2. Knowledge of drug action must be obtained by experimentation upon the healthy human body; 
3. The curative relation between the two sets of phenomena i.e. phenomena of drug and disease, is by virtue of the "law of similars" or ‘similia similibus curentur’;
4. The selected remedy should be administered singly, uncombined with any other; hence the doctrine of the single remedy;
5. It should be given in the smallest doses that will cure; hence the minimum dose; 
6. As enough is sufficient the dose should not be unnecessarily repeated.

Merits of homoeopathic treatment: 
1. Homoeopathy enables us to prevent the development of diseases; 
2. The duration of disease is shortened under Homeopathic treatment; 
3. It eradicates the tendency to disease;
4. Homoeopathic medicines are much economical than the other systems of medicine.

Limitations of homoeopathic treatment: 
1. True Surgical Diseases; 
2. Nutritional Deficiency Diseases (Other than Mal-absorption); 
3. Life-Threatening Emergency Cases; 
4. Conditions arising from absence of important viscera or Organs, e.g., Congenital Malformations etc.

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1 Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi Medical Officer (AYUSH) – Homoeopathy



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