All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Raipur


All Vendors are invited for empanelment of their firm in the registered vendor list of AIIMS Raipur. They can see the guidelines and application form available at this link Click here
S.No. Tender.No. Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum Status
1 Security Office/Watch and ward Services/2020-21/003/Ser/ Inviting Tender for Engagement of agency for Providing Watch and ward Services on Job Outsourcing Basis at AIIMS,RAipur 23-07-2021 20-10-2021 Download 12-10-2021corritechnical.pdf

2 AIIMS/R/Admin/Food Kiosk/2021-22/01/Ser/ Inviting Tender for running a service of Food Kiosk at AIIMS Raipur (C.G.) 09-10-2021 27-10-2021 Download
3 AIIMS/R/HS/21-22/Ampho/RC Inviting Tender for "Rate Contract for supply of Amphotericin B for Department of Pharmacy” at AIIMS,Raipur. 30-09-2021 11-10-2021 Download
4 AIIMS/R/HS/20-21/RDG/271/RC Inviting Tender For “Two Year Rate Contract for Contrast & Related Material” at AIIMS,Raipur. 01-10-2021 23-10-2021 Download
5 AIIMS/R/HS/MOT/21326/161/2021/RC Inviting Tender of Two Years Rate Contract for Supply of "Pouch Roll” for Major Operation Theaters at AIIMS,Raipur. 29-09-2021 21-10-2021 Download
6 AIIMS/R/CS/Neuro/403/19/OT/B Inviting Tender For “Supply of Diamond Knives Set” (3 rd call) For Department of Neurosurgery at AIIMS,Raipur. 28-09-2021 20-10-2021 Download
7 AIIMS/R/HS/OBSGYN/642930/2021/PAC Inviting Tender For Supply of Tubing Set for HAMOUA Endomata Hysteroscopy & Hysteromata and Tubing set HYS for HAMOU Endomat For Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department under PAC at AIIMS,Raipur. 28-09-2021 11-10-2021 Download
8 AIIMS/R/CS/T&E/19/056/OT/A Inviting Tender For “Supply of Advance Cardiac Life Support Simulator” (3rd Call) For Department of Trauma & Emergency at AIIMS,Raipur. 23-09-2021 16-10-2021 Download
9 AIIMS/R/CS/Micro/21/80/RC Inviting Tender for Supply of "Cryochills (0.1ml),Spinwin Centrifuge Tube (Conical Bottom-50ml) and other consumable items” Under Rate Contract for Microbiology Department" at AIIMS,RAipur. 22-09-2021 12-10-2021 Download
10 AIIMS/R/HS/Envelope & Sticker, IPD Files/2021/RC/ Inviting Tender for "Annual Rate Contract for Supply of Envelope, Sticker, IPD Files” at AIIMS,Raipur. 24-06-2021 15-07-2021 Download 21-09-2021Tender_Cancel_Corrigendum.pdf

11 AIIMS/R/CS/Pul_Med./18/009/OT/B Notice Inviting Tender (4th Call) for Supply of EBUS TBNA/ Biopsy System for Department of Pulmonary Medicine At All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur 20-09-2021 18-10-2021 Download
12 AIIMS/R/HS/NEPH/2021/PAC Inviting Tender for Procurement of Various consumable items compatible for FMC CRRT Multifiltrate Machine installed at Nephrology Department under PAC at AIIMS,RAipur. 15-09-2021 28-09-2021 Download
13 AIIMS/R/CS/Bio/20/03-168(M)/RC/B Inviting Tender for Rate Contract for supply of Reagents and Consumables for AU Analyzers of Beckman Coulter for Department of Biochemistry at AIIMS, Raipur (CG) (3rd call) 06-09-2021 29-09-2021 Download
14 AIIMS/R/HS/166/2021/PAC/IV Inviting Tender For Annual Rate contract of “Consumable / Accessories for Anaesthesiology Workstation” For Bio-Medical Engineering Department Under PAC at AIIMS,RAipur 04-09-2021 13-09-2021 Download
15 AIIMS/R/HS/2021/RC/BGS Inviting Tender For “Annual Rate Contract for Blood Glucose Monitoring System strips” at AIIMS,RAipur. 21-08-2021 09-09-2021 Download
16 AIIMS/R/HS/2021/RC/BGS Inviting Tender For “Annual Rate Contract for Blood Glucose Monitoring System strips” at AIIMS,RAipur 20-07-2021 10-08-2021 Download 21-08-2021Corr.pdf

17 AIIMS/R/CS/MRD/21/475/RC Annual Rate Contract of “Digitization of Medical Records” For Department of MRD at AIIMS,Raipur. 19-08-2021 16-09-2021 Download
18 AIIMS/R/CS/Micro/21/129,130,131/ Inviting Short Tender Notice for procurement of Pneumogenius Complete RT PCR & Other Consumable Items for Microbiology Department, at AIIMS Raipur. 13-08-2021 20-08-2021 Download
19 AIIMS/R/CS/Micro/21/135,136,137 Inviting Short Tender Notice for procurement of E-Gene FAM and BHQ-1 & Other Consumable Items for COVID-19 Testing for Microbiology Department, at AIIMS Raipur. 13-08-2021 20-08-2021 Download
20 AIIMS/R/HS/LMO/RC/2021/ Inviting Tender for "Rate Contract for Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO)” at AIIMS,Raipur. 10-08-2021 02-09-2021 Download