Civil / Electrical Tenders & Quotation

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur
S No Tender-ID Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum
1 05/EOI/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Expression of Interest regarding Consultancy for architectural planning, structural designing, soil testing, estimation and tendering for construction of a 150 bedded Critical Care Hospital Block for AIIMS Raipur. 13-06-2022 15-07-2022 Download 27-06-2022Corrigendum_(1).pdf

2 22/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 Notice Inviting e-Tender Manning, Maintenance & Operation including Supply, Repair, Rectification & Replacement of Parts in 39 Nos. Lift installed at AIIMS Hospital Complex, Raipur. 25-06-2022 08-07-2022 Download
3 04/EOI/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Expression of Interest regarding Consultancy for Construction of new utility building along with open kitchen and multistoried parking at AIIMS Raipur. 13-06-2022 04-07-2022 Download
4 23/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Periodical External Maintenance Works in the area of Hospital Blocks C,C1,D,D1, AYUSH and PMR Building, AIIMS Raipur. 11-06-2022 28-06-2022 Download
5 30/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 Notice Inviting e Tender regarding Anti microbial coating and finishing works in the area of Hospital Block A,A1,B,B1,Bunker, Brachytherapy Building and Trauma Building at AIIMS Raipur. 11-06-2022 27-06-2022 Download
6 03/EOI/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Expression of Interest regarding Construction of Hostel for MBBS Students at AIIMS Residential Complex, Kabir Nagar Raipur (C.G.). 10-06-2022 29-06-2022 Download
7 02/EOI/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Expression of Interest regarding Consultancy for HVAC and AC and R works in AIIMS Raipur. 09-06-2022 24-06-2022 Download
8 06/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Providing and Fixing Glass film for Hospital Block, AIIMS Raipur. 07-06-2022 21-06-2022 Download
9 17/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender Annual Maintenance of Pipeline with Repairing and Providing valve in bend at AIIMS Raipur. 06-06-2022 27-06-2022 Download
10 01/EOI/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Expression of Interest regarding Consultancy for Survey, planning, Designing, estimation for Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance (Five years) of LED Luminaires at football ground AIIMS Raipur 06-06-2022 23-06-2022 Download
11 10/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Term Contract for Maintenance and Repairing in the External areas and Service Buildings of AIIMS Raipur. 04-06-2022 20-06-2022 Download
12 09/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender Maintenance of HT DG Sets (6X2000 KVA) with servicing of its Electrical Installations at AIIMS Campus, Raipur. 04-06-2022 20-06-2022 Download
13 27/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 Notice Inviting e-Tender Provision of Addition and Alteration of Rooms in PMR Building in AIIMS Raipur for department of PMR. 04-06-2022 14-06-2022 Download
14 16/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Maintenance and upgradation of plants, trees, garden area, landscaping patches and available land for horticulture in AIIMS Raipur campus. 03-06-2022 27-06-2022 Download
15 15/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Horticulture Maintenance and development works at AIIMS Raipur Residential Complex. 02-06-2022 23-06-2022 Download
16 14/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Vinyl Sports Flooring in Hospital Blocks, AIIMS Raipur. 02-06-2022 23-06-2022 Download
17 NIT No- 07/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Inviting tender for Repair and Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant at AIIMS Residential Campus, Raipur . 06-05-2022 06-06-2022 Download 26-05-2022Corrigendum02.pdf

18 NIT No- 04/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2022-23 Manning, Maintenance & Operation of substation, Pump house & Miscellaneous Electrical works at AIIMS Residential Raipur.” 25-04-2022 23-05-2022 Download 21-05-2022Corrigendum01.pdf

19 Notice Inviting e-Tender regarding Repairing and Maintenance works of RO water purifier and water cooler installed at AIIMS Hospital and Residential campus Raipur. 21-05-2022 06-06-2022 Download
20 29/SE/AIIMS/RPR/2021-22 Notice Inviting Tender regarding Manning, Maintenance and Operation of Water treatment plant, water distribution pumping station including flushing of bore wells, supply- repair- rectification and replacement to Motor pump set, Bore well pump, Starter, Electrical panel at AIIMS hospital complex, Raipur. 20-05-2022 03-06-2022 Download