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All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Raipur

The department of Anatomy is one of the first departments commenced with the start of this institute of national importance AIIMS Raipur Chhattisgarh in 2012. It is positioned in the north wing of 1st floor at Medical College AIIMS Raipur. The human anatomy is the fundamental branch of science dealing with the macro and micro structure of the human body. In our medical education/profession the expertise knowledge is achieved through the understanding of medical and health related issues & their possible solution and without the sound knowledge of human anatomy, this understanding, proficiency, skill, experience & perfection cannot be achieved.  

The department is involved in medical teaching and training at the undergraduate level since 2012 and postgraduate level since 2018. The department also provides teaching to B.Sc. Nursing course since 2013. We have an effervescent group of faculty which is involved in developing various teaching-learning methods and several research activities towards prevention, management and eradication of the indigenous and country level illnesses. 

We have improved the Dissection Hall & Modular Microanatomy Lab & Museum and now trying to provide an outstanding learner centred education. With this vision we have commenced establishing Departmental library, Genetic Lab, Cadaveric Lab, Ultrasonographic Anatomy, Endoscopic Anatomy, X-ray / CT & MRI Galleries in the Modular Museum, Viscera & Bone bank, Reproductive biology unit, Yoga & Applied Kinesiology Lab and Plastination unit towards excellent teaching, training & research activities. With innovative ideas and use of modern teaching methodologies recommended by the expert academicians, we bring into play OSPE, Tutorial, Small group discussion, Students seminar, Model & Chart competitions, Integrated teaching, Interdepartmental collaboration etc


S No Name Email Designation Image
1 Dr Konuri Vijaya Kumar Additional Professor
2 Dr A U Siddiqui Associate Professor
3 Dr Soumitra Trivedi Associate Professor
4 Dr Mrithunjay Rathore Associate Professor
5 Dr Manisha Barnwal Sinha Associate Professor
6 Dr. Amit Tirpude Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Dharam Singh Rathia Assistant Professor
8 Dr. Rahul K. Uikey Assistant Professor




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