All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Raipur


All Vendors are invited for empanelment of their firm in the registered vendor list of AIIMS Raipur. They can see the guidelines and application form available at this link Click here
S.No. Tender.No. Title Publishing Date Closing Date Download Corrigendum Status
1061 AIIMS/MG/Admin/BidTender06/201819/18 Inviting tender for Hiring of vehicles on monthly basis for utilization in AIIMS, Mangalagiri, Vijayawada. 28-09-2018 22-10-2018 Download
1062 AIIMS/R/CS/SIGNAGES/18/RC/A Inviting Tender for “Supply, Printing and fixing of Signages at AIIMS, Raipur through Rate Contract” at AIIMS,Raipur. 27-09-2018 27-10-2018 Download
1063 AIIMS/R/CS/Obys.& Gyn./15/088/E/OT Inviting Tender For "Standard Operative Laparoscopy Set with C02 Insufflator for Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department" at AIIMS,Raipur. 26-09-2018 20-10-2018 Download
1064 AIIMS/R/HS/ Mechanized & Automated Cleaning/17/Ser/2 Tender Document For Mechanized & Automated Cleaning Works of Hospital & other Buildings At All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Raipur 20-09-2018 22-10-2018 Download
1065 AIIMS/R/CS/Paedia S./18/257/OT Inviting Tender for Supply of Advance Electro Surgical Unit with Vessel Sealer for Department of Paediatrics Surgery at AIIMS,Raipur. 20-08-2018 29-09-2018 Download 18-09-2018Corrigendum02.pdf

1066 AIIMS/R/HS/LINEN/18/02/RC Inviting Tender For Annual Rate Contract for Hospital Linen Item for Hospital Store Department At AIIMS, Raipur 17-09-2018 18-10-2018 Download
1067 AIIMS/R/CS/Neuro/162/18/OT Inviting Tender for Supply of Radio frequency Generator For Department of Neurosurgery at AIIMS, Raipur 01-09-2018 22-09-2018 Download 11-09-2018CorrigendumRF.pdf

1068 AIIMS/R/CS/Printed Forms & Cards/2018/RC Inviting Tender for Annual Rate Contract for Supply of Printed Forms/Cards at AIIMS,Raipur. 05-09-2018 03-10-2018 Download
1069 AIIMS/R/CS/Cent.Lib/18/303 Expression of Interest for "Supply of Medical Books" For Central Library Department at AIIMS,Raipur. 13-08-2018 08-09-2018 Download 04-09-2018corrigendum_EOI_NO._2.pdf

1070 No. AIIMS/R/CS/BPS/116 B/18/LPC Notice for inviting Quotation for supply of Non Consumable items i.e. Nerve Stimulator with Mapper for Department of Burn & Plastic Surgery, AIIMS, Raipur. 03-09-2018 10-09-2018 Download
1071 AIIMS/R/CS/Stationary/18/031/LT Rate Contract under Limited Tender for Procurement of Paper Copier A4 Size (75 GSM) with printing of AIIMS Raipur Logo like Watermark at AIIMS Raipur. 31-08-2018 11-09-2018 Download
1072 AIIMS/R/ CS/ ANAT/18/64(1)/ OT Notice Inviting Tender for “Supply of Full Body Inertial 3D suit for real time motion capture" for Anatomy Department at AIIMS, Raipur. 27-08-2018 24-09-2018 Download
1073 AIIMS Raipur/Acct/CA/2018-19 Expression of Interest Invited from CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT FIRMS For Preparation of Accounts & Other Related Works {With all Financial Statements (Monthly & Annually)} At AIIMS, Raipur (C.G.) 03-07-2018 23-08-2018 Download 24-08-2018Corrigendum_24082018.pdf

1074 AIIMS/Store/CS/OBGY/18/3072/OT Tender Document for Outpatient Diagnosis & Therapy Unit(Work Station) at AIIMS,Raipur. 23-08-2018 13-09-2018 Download
1075 AIIMS/MG/Admin/BidTender06/201819/11B Inviting Open Tender for Hiring of one 50-Seat capacity school bus on monthly basis for utilization in AIIMS, Mangalagiri (Vijayawada) 23-08-2018 27-08-2018 Download
1076 AIIMS/R/HS/Pharmacy/5865/Drug & I.V. Fluids/2018/RC Inviting Tender for Annual Rate Contract of Drugs & I.V. Fluids for IPD/OPD Services at AIIMS,Raipur. 21-08-2018 12-09-2018 Download
1077 AIIMS/R/CS/Paedia S./18/258/OT Inviting Tender for Supply of Infant Radiant Warmer for Department of Paediatrics Surgery at AIIMS,Raipur. 21-08-2018 22-09-2018 Download
1078 AIIMS/R/CS/MS/HIV PPE Kit/2018/470/RC Inviting Tender for Annual Rate Contract of Supply of HIV PPE Kit for all Department and Wards at AIIMS,Raipur. 21-08-2018 11-09-2018 Download
1079 AIIMS/R/CS/ANAT/18/64/OT Inviting Tender for Supply of Wireless EMG System for Department of Anatomy at AIIMS,Raipur. 20-08-2018 17-09-2018 Download
1080 AIIMS/R/CS/Paedia S./18/205/OT Notice inviting tender for "Supply of Pediatric Operation Table” for Department of Paediatrics Surgery at AIIMS Raipur 17-07-2018 23-07-2018 Download 16-08-2018Corrigendum.pdf